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Happy Pride! LGBT Children Indoctrination

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UNESCO published a document that seeks to use LGBT propaganda to indoctrinate school-children throughout the world, under the guise of care about violence and bullying.

The report deplores the existence of homophobia and transphobia in schools against gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex, suggesting that it may produce worse academic results, lower employability, psychological damage and greater involvement on welfare schemes.

The report even says that "the imposition of standards of dress and hair is an implicit form of homophobia and transphobia".

Some "data" from the report:

85% of LGBTI students in the US allegedly suffer violence, harassment or bullying 45% of transgender students in Argentina allegedly dropped out of school LGBT students did worse academically in Australia, China, Denmark, El Salvador, Italy and Poland BUT, all the data is "pre-cooked" data. The report mentions the data from a survey conducted by an agency of the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency five times, which was nothing but a "copy-and-paste" of a survey conducted by ILGA-Europe - the European Region of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.

Even the photos in the report are provided by a European students' lobby of homosexual activists...

And, of course, gender is defined as follows:
"[Gender is a] social construction learned through the socialization process, and attributes and opportunities associated with men and women".

So, what do they propose in the report?
An "inclusive and comprehensive" education of different sexual identities and gender expressions "from an early age"
The contents must be unprejudiced and objective, "without being inaccurate or stigmatizing", and are also cross-cutting in all courses of study

For this project, it proposes to collaborate with civil society organizations (i.e., the gay lobby)
Countries should include these contents and keeping records of violence allegedly based on sexual orientation and gender identity
UNESCO will create a "major global awareness campaign" and assess the evolution of this program
In short: UNESCO aims to indoctrinate school-children throughout the world with LGBT propaganda, using an anti-bullying campaign as cover.

The report notes that the Convention on the Rights of the Child "also recognizes the rights of LGBTI children" when, actually, "LGBTI" never even appears in the Convention...

The report aims to normalize homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, and intersexualism, causing confusion among adolescents and young people regarding their sexual identity.

But, in a glaring omission, the 60-page report does not once mention the right of parents to educate their children or suggest a minimum age of consent.

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